Server Migration with openQRM Enterprise

Automated Server Migration with openQRM Enterprise

There are many reasons for server migration: Save license costs, gain more flexibility, escape vendor lock. Important factors to prevail should be ongoing Enterprise Performance & High Scalability.

openQRM Enterprise fully supports automated server migration. We cover your server migration needs with simple steps, all in one management software.
Migration transparently supported without any modification. from:

  • V to P (Virtual to Physical)
  • P to V (Physical to Virtual)
  • V to V (Virtual machine typ A to Virtual machine typ B)

openQRM Enterprise also supports High Availability failover from P to V (Physical to Virtual).

openQRM Enterprise Datacenter Management & Automation covers Bare-Metal and virtualization technologies such as VMware ESXi, Hyper-V, KVM, Citrix/ XenServer.

See a comparison and how swiftly and easily server migration is accomplished with openQRM Enterprise. Watch our Webinar Video: Migration from ESXi to KVM with openQRM Enterprise