IaaS, SaaS & PaaS with openQRM Enterprise

openQRM Enterprise IaaS, SaaS & PaaS

With openQRM Enterprise you receive complete Infrastructure- Platform- and Software as a Service functionality.

Your own openQRM Private-Cloud provides a web interface for your internal and external As-A-Service customers.

A customer Self-Service Portal with integrated billing functionality provides real-time cost overviews for you and your customers. Easily brand and create reports and invoices.

SaaS any software with openQRM Enterprise and create new revenue streams.

openQRM Enterprise Datacenter Management & Automation for your internal IT infrastructure (In-House IT) as well as for external services like i.e. Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure. Quickly scale up your Infrastructure as requirements grow.

Manage Public- and Hybrid Cloud deployments with openQRM. As the deployment manager for Amazon EC2 and its API compatible derivatives (e.g Eucalyptus) openQRM is capable to fully automate Instance provisioning and to add additional value by attaching automated application deployment via Puppet, automated monitoring via Nagios and also highavailability on Infrastructure-Level to the providers cloud features.

The whole workflow of Instance-deployment in openQRM is exactly the same as for local resources in the internal IT-environment. Integrated hyperconvergent openQRM services for your Private Cloud on-top of Amazon EC2, Azure, etc.

  • Automatic system statistics
  • Automatic service monitoring
  • Automatic application deployment
  • Desktop access (VNC/RDP)
  • Secure Web-Login (SSH)
  • Easy-User-Login
  • One-VPC-per-User (Secure Vitual Private Cloud)
  • Integrated billing system

Billing is integrated in openQRM Enterprise.

Admins and Users receive an automatic billing overview. Integrate with Magento or export data to to SAP, etc. Enable or disable the internal billing mechanism. If disabled Cloud users will not be charged. openQRM Enterprise offers a Virtual Cloud currency (CCUs) that can be mapped to any currency (EUR, $, Yen, etc.). Easily provide “CCU's” to the Cloud users as a pre-paid system.

Watch our Webinar Video explaining "As-A-Service" with external Infrastrucutre utilization: Amazon EC2 MultiCloud with openQRM Enterprise

Watch our Video explaining the openQRM Enterprise Iaas Cloud Frontend Demo

SaaS example with utilization of Amazon EC2 Infrastructure

SaaS reseller example with utilization of Amazon EC2 Infrastructure