openQRM Enterprise High-Availability

openQRM Enterprise High-Availability

High-Availability for Servers deployed by openQRM is a built-in feature. Even more, openQRMs architecture is designed for High Availability on the infrastructure level.

Easy High-Availability - In openQRM the actual “service” is represented by an Server that simply can be marked as “high available” in the high availability plugins Server configuration.

In case the resource of the Server gets into an error state openQRM triggers a “high availability hook” which is implemented by the high availability plugin. The responsibility to failover and restart the “service” (the Server) is then transferred to the plugin.

The high availability plugin provides an N-to-1 failover (or N-to-X failover) by stopping the Server, finding a new resource fitting to the Server SLA parameters, updating the Server with the new resource and starting the Server again. All Server stop- and start hooks will be executed in case of a fail-over.

Conveniently configure HA (pacemaker/heartbeat/corosync) for applications on Servers via GUI. No manual configuration is needed for this plugin.

HA setup easy and robust - standard technologies:

  • Apache webserver plus PHP
  • Database backend (MySQL, Postgres)
  • Filesystem (by default /usr/share/openqrm)

Watch our Webinar Video: HA for Bare Metal and VMs on Infrastructure Level with openQRM Enterprise

Simply tick a box in the openQRM GUI for HA :-)

HA Workflow