openQRM Enterprise - Enterprise Edition

openQRM Enterprise - Enterprise Edition
Lower your TCO with increased automation & flexibility - Ramp up your Revenue through higher efficiency! Easily extend your datacenter capacity by shifting load to Amazon AWS, OpenStack, etc.

Complete Automated Workflow Engine for all your Bare-Metal and VM deployment AND all of your IT subsystems. Professional management and monitoring of your Cloud capacities.

Enterprise Edition Features:

  • Bare-Metal Deployment.
  • VM Mangement - Manage and deploy KVM, Citrix/ Xen, ESX.
  • Multi-Cloud Plug-In - (Private/ Hybrid/ Public and Bare-Metal) extend datacenter capacity by shifting load to Amazon AWS, OpenStack, etc.

  • Storage Plug-Ins - Integrates with all major open and commercial storage technologies.
  • Cloud Zones - Manage multiple datacenter locations from one web console.
  • 1 openQRM Server license.
  • 2 Client/ Host licenses for physical machines managed by openQRM.
  • Unlimited use for EUR 6.999,- (No license renewal necessary).
  • 1 year updates included.


openQRM Enterprise - Enterprise Edition includes the full range of plug-ins!

Additional Client/ Host Licenses:

Client/ Host licenses for additional physical machines to be managed by openQRM (Not VMs - We have no license fees on your VMs :-))

openQRM Enterprise Client/ Host licenses are valid for 12 months.

  • Up to 9 Clients/ Hosts. EUR 144,- per Client/ Host (Only EUR 12,- per month!)
  • 10 - 49 Clients/ Hosts. EUR 132,- per Client/ Host (Only EUR 11,- per month!)
  • 50 - 99 Clients/ Hosts. EUR 120,- per Client/ Host (Only EUR 10,- per month!)
  • More than 99 Clients/ Hosts. EUR 108,- per Client/ Host (Only EUR 9,- per month!)

openQRM Enterprise - Enterprise Edition Diagram

openQRM Enterprise - Enterprise Edition Plug-In Overview

The following plug-ins are included in the openQRM Enterprise - Enterprise Edition:

Group Plug-In Functionality
Cloud cloud Manage your own Iaas, PaaS, SaaS Private & Public Cloud with self-service front-end and integrated billing system.
Cloud cloud-zones Manage multiple data center locations with openQRM Enterprise Cloud Zones.
Cloud magento Easily connect Magento to openQRM Enterprise in 4 steps! Your digital commerce platform for your cloud-products
Deployment AWS EC2 MultiCloud Amazon support. Manage & automate EC2. Extend your your IT infrastructure flexibly by integrating external capacities.
Deployment hybrid-cloud MultiCloud with OpenStack, Azure and Eucalyptus. Manage & automate.
Deployment vSphere 100% automate VMware vSphere with a Private Cloud.
Deployment android Supports Android OS deployments via IaaS. Immediately get your android systems on demand.
Deployment ansible Automated Configuration-Management with Ansible.
Deployment clonezilla Automatic disk-cloning with Clonezilla (local-deployment).
Deployment ESXi Bulk Install Bulk deploy physical ESXi Hosts automatically - No vCenter needed.
Deployment image-shelf Pre-made Server Templates for network-deployment.
Deployment linuxcoe Automated provisioning and lifecycle support of Linux systems.
Deployment puppet Integrates Puppet for fully automated Configuration Management and Application deployment.
Deployment windows Support for the Windows Operating System in openQRM.
Container Docker Support for managing Docker containers. Dev-Teams receive a secure collaboration possibility. Connect through the openQRM IaaS Cloud and work consistently on the same code-base with your colleagues.
Documentation idoit Automatic System Documentation (CMDB) with I-doit.
High-Availability high-availability Automatic High-Availability for Appliances. HA for Servers deployed by openQRM is a built-in feature. openQRMs architecture is designed for High-Availability on the infrastructure level.
Management device-manager Managing LVM (Logical Volume Manager ).
Management lcmc Integrates LCMC (Linux Cluster Management Console) to manage Service-Highavailability.
Management ldap Central user management and authentication with LDAP/Active Directory (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).
Management novnc Integrates NoVNC providing a remote web-console for Virtual Machines and Physical Systems.
Management role-administration Role-administration provides permission management for openQRM Administrator User-groups.
Management sshterm Integrates WebShell providing a secure login to the openQRM-server and the managed resources through the Web-interface.
Misc. development API Documentation for your own Plugin-Development.
Misc. event-mailer Configure and triggers event emails. Notification of critical event by email.
Misc. ipmi Automatically controls the power status of physical systems via the IPMI technology.
Misc. local-server Integrates existing, local-installed Servers into openQRM (Includes Remote Server).
Misc. support Support by openQRM Enterprise.
Misc. template A Template for Plugin-Development providing a complete Skeleton for your own new Plugin.
Monitoring collectd Monitor systems with Collectd providing long-term statistics and graphs.
Monitoring nagios3 Automated systems and service monitoring.
Network dhcpd Automatically manages IP-Addresses for the openQRM managed network.
Network dns Automatically manage the DNS Service for the openQRM managed network.
Network ip-mgmt Network-mangement for the Appliances public IP-addresses.
Network network-manager A Network-manager to preconfigure network-bridges.
Network tftpd Automatic managed tftpd server providing the pxe/tftp network-deployment environment (in combination with the dhcpd-plugin).
Network wakeuponlan Automatically controls the power status of physical systems via the Wake-on-LAN (WOL) technology.
Storage aoe-storage Integrates AOE (ATA over Ethernet) as Storage technology (network-deployment).
Storage iscsi-storage Integrates iSCSI Enterprise Target as Storage technology (network-deployment).
Storage lvm-storage Network-deployment. Integrates LVM2 with NFS/iSCSI/AOE as Storage technology.
Storage nfs-storage Integrates NFS as Storage technology (network-deployment).
Storage sanboot-storage Network-deployment. Integrates gPXE to boot Windows Systems directly from an iSCSI or AOE SAN
Storage tmpfs-storage Network-deployment. Deploys Physical Systems and Virtual Machines 'in-Memory'.
Virtualization Citrix/ Xen Server Support and connector for Citrix XenServer virtualization technology.
Virtualization KVM Support and connector for KVM virtualization technology.
Virtualization Vmware- ESXi Support and connector for VMware ESXi virtualization technology.
Virtualization Hyper-V Support and connector for Hyper-V virtualization technology.