VM & Bare-Metal Deployment

openQRM Enterprise VM & Bare-Metal Deployment

Manage Bare-Metal, create and manage Virtual Machines with openQRM

Combine Bare-Metal & Cloud VM deployment with all of openQRM's management functionalities. HA, monitoring, ip-management and much more are automatically also available for both.

openQRM Enterprise fully automates Instance provisioning. Add additional value by attaching automated application deployment via Puppet, automated monitoring via Nagios and also High Availability on Infrastructure-Level.

The whole workflow of Instance-deployment in openQRM is exactly the same for external resources as for the internal IT-environment.This way you can even manage Public- and Hybrid Cloud deployments with openQRM as the deployment manager.

Several integrated virtualization technologies are available such as VMware ESXi, Hyper-V, KVM, Citrix/ XenServer.

Example: KVM is a well positioned, highly performant and scaleable Open Source virtualization solution. The openQRM Enterprise KVM Edition (and plug-in) offers you extensive management, automation and monitoring possibilities.

Profit from the technical benefits of KVM like hardware support, memory support and a high security level all at the lowest ongoing cost.

Example: VMware ESXi Directly connect to VMware vCenter-server in a vSphere environment. Auto-install ESX/ESXi hosts on bare-metal hardware.openQRM enhances and gives you added value for VMware vSphere.

Automatically install ESX/ESXi hosts on bare-metal hardware. Connect to VMware vCenter-server in a vSphere environment. Simply put a Private Cloud on-top of your existing VMware vSphere environment.

Network Deployment is also easily possible with openQRM for Physical Servers and VM Network-Deployment. A Physical System is available as an “idle” resource after network-booting via PXE. VM Network-Deployment Virtualization is handled by plugins (e.g. Citrix, KVM, VMware-ESXi, Xen) and provides a Server “Resource” object.

See our YouTube video channel for deployment videos