openQRM Enterprise Cloud Zones

openQRM Enterprise Cloud Zones

Manage multiple datacenter locations from one web console

Create and manage multiple openQRM Clouds in multiple datacenter locations with openQRM Enterprise.

openQRM-Enterprise Cloud Zones is a logical layer on top of openQRM Cloud. It is the central point for the openQRM private cloud self-service (IAAS) and interfaces with all integrated openQRM Clouds via the well defined openQRM Cloud SOAP API. Cloud Zones allows the splitting of one or more openQRM Clouds into multiple logical zones.

For each Cloud Zone the Administrator can define fine grained permissions, dedicated hardware- and network-pools which can be assigned to Cloud User groups. Also Cloud Zones is the central point of billing for all IT-Services including a generic billing-system for external cost allocation. This can be easily integrated to E-Commerce systems such as Magento or be exported to SAP.

Map an existing business topology 1:1 to a globally accessible private Cloud infrastructure.

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